[cabfpub] Need exception to 1024-bit revocation requirement

Ryan Sleevi sleevi at google.com
Fri Jun 7 17:32:59 UTC 2013


1) Are there any intermediates involved that may be 1024-bit in order
to accommodate these devices?
2) Can you share the certificate extension profile(s) used in the
issuance of these certificates, for any other concerns that may
involve "exceptions" to the BRs. For example, basicConstraints and the

While I'm extremely sympathetic to the real world issues that come up
with any change to the Web PKI, I'm also extremely uncomfortable with
the notion of exceptions because something is hard or expensive,
because it creates certain perverse incentives.

>From the perspective of the Trust Store Program, what message does it
send all the other members (who may or may not participate in the
CA/Browser Forum) who proceeded to phase these out, and may have also
incurred significant costs in doing so - financial or technical. It's
very difficult to establish a reasonable and equitable bar here -
saying exceptions will be granted if it costs $X to comply would
naturally favour larger parties, while other approaches, such as
percentages, advantage others.

"Security" is far from black and white, a point I well understand, but
I think we stand at the edge of a very slippery slope, and I want to
make sure we recognize that in these discussions.

When we talk about the Web PKI, we must realize there's two layers
1) How people "intend" for things to work
2) How it actually works.

I hear your argument for an exception to be arguing from a position of
the first point. I'm trying to understand the implications from the
position of the second point, since in the end, that's the only one
that matters.

On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 9:29 AM, Rick Andrews <Rick_Andrews at symantec.com> wrote:
> The problem is that any CA that has issued such SSL certs to such non-web PKI applications, and needs to continue to issue them for business continuity, will fail their audit and will have to engage in a discussion with each trust store owner to convince them to retain their roots.
> It's not just us and its not just this particular usage. Other CAs have the same issue.
> -Rick
> On Jun 7, 2013, at 9:13 AM, "Phillip" <philliph at comodo.com> wrote:
>> I thought that the original point of the drop dead date was that the browsers are going to stop trusting 1024 bit certs at some point in the future.
>> Ergo there should be no need for an exception. Mozilla, IE, Google etc. just turn off support for the 1024 bit certs in their browsers. The Visa certs are issued as before but the only devices that will accept them are the Visa POS terminals. (Point of Sale)
>> So what is the problem?
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