[cabfpub] DigiCert proposal and Interested Party voting rights

Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
Sun Sep 9 23:06:13 UTC 2012

Thanks Brad,


We set the minimum number of relying parties to seven to ensure that the
interested party membership group provides a broad viewpoint and avoid
potentially giving a single relying party entity too much influence on the
CAB Forum.  We thought  seven was an appropriate number considering the
potential size of this membership group when compared to the number of CAs
and Browsers.  However, we will continue to evaluate which number or
mechanism will ensure that the relying party class represents a truly broad
spectrum of participants and modify the proposal accordingly after receiving
additional input.




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DigiCert's proposal contains non-board voting rights for Interested Parties,
the constituency group that includes customers, relying parties and the
general public.


However, it rescinds these rights if there are less than seven active
Interested Parties.


Given that:


1)      There have historically been, on average, only a dozen or slightly
more active members of the CABF total among both browsers and CAs 

2)      The current IPR situation imposes a substantial participation burden
on Interested Parties without really guaranteeing them a vote, and never an
equal seat on the board


I am concerned that this requirement will, de facto, completely
disenfranchise Interested Parties.


I request that you would consider, during the modification phase we are
currently in, changing this to require no more than parity with the number
of active Application Vendors at the time of any vote. (historically around
4 to 5)




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