[cabfpub] We should announce the existence of the public mailing list on the web site

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Mon May 28 12:58:09 UTC 2012

On 25/05/12 17:55, Chris Palmer wrote:
> And how to subscribe. How about this message:
> """
> The CA/Browser Forum announces a new publicly-accessible mailing list
> for discussing Forum business. This list will be the venue for most
> Forum discussion going forward. (The Forum will still use private
> mailing list for limited, sensitive topics such as incident response.)
> The public can subscribe to the list for read-only access, and the
> Forum is currently working out policy options for allowing the public
> to post to the list as well. We hope to resolve that issue in Summer
> 2012, and it is likely that the policy will require posters (but not
> readers) to agree to <a href="WHATEVER">the Forum's intellectual
> property rights (IPR) policy</a>.

I'd leave off the last part; people have raised issues about how the
current IPR policy would apply to individuals, and I think that link
would only mislead and raise questions we are not able to answer.

Otherwise, great :-)


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