[cabfpub] We should announce the existence of the public mailing list on the web site

Chris Palmer palmer at google.com
Fri May 25 16:55:35 UTC 2012

And how to subscribe. How about this message:

The CA/Browser Forum announces a new publicly-accessible mailing list
for discussing Forum business. This list will be the venue for most
Forum discussion going forward. (The Forum will still use private
mailing list for limited, sensitive topics such as incident response.)
The public can subscribe to the list for read-only access, and the
Forum is currently working out policy options for allowing the public
to post to the list as well. We hope to resolve that issue in Summer
2012, and it is likely that the policy will require posters (but not
readers) to agree to <a href="WHATEVER">the Forum's intellectual
property rights (IPR) policy</a>.

<a href="WHATEVER">To subscribe to the list, use this web form</a> or
send a message to WHATEVER at cabforum.org with the
[subject/body/whatever] "subscribe".

If it's not safe, is it really usable?

More information about the Public mailing list