[cabfpub] Possible CAB Forum objection to some gTLD applications

Jon Callas joncallas at me.com
Fri Jun 29 13:58:40 UTC 2012

We might be able to claim standing on a few of them -- I could argue standing on .corp on the grounds that we secure internal networks that rightly or wrongly use .corp to identify resources. The obvious, correct remedy would be to ask to delay by three years (or possibly file) starting from some time in the near future, not the year or three it's going to take for them to create these new TLDs. I think it would have force as a comment, especially since we could make an out-of-band appeal to people who are at ICANN.

Is that something we'd be interested in? I can imagine that there'd be a counter-comment coming back that says that if we told them what had been issued, they could block those domains within .corp. A counter-counter-argumemnt would be that we can only supply a subset, and if there's a problem it's not only ICANN's problem, but one we told them about.

Another alternative would be for a lot of us to just blog about it, saying that it's a bad idea.


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