[cabfpub] Possible CAB Forum objection to some gTLD applications

Rick Andrews Rick_Andrews at symantec.com
Thu Jun 28 16:42:49 UTC 2012

I suggest we still try to gather the info. It was also mentioned during the face-to-face that if CAs are uncomfortable giving info to me, a competitor, they could give it to Brad from Paypal.


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> Subject: [cabfpub] Possible CAB Forum objection to some gTLD applications
> During the face-to-face meeting, it was suggested that the CAB Forum
> might like to make a submission to ICANN objecting to certain gTLD
> applications, on the basis that they are already widely used for
> internal networks and that this would be a security risk. ".corp" was
> suggested as one potential TLD which is widely used internally.
> (CAs are reminded that they are requested to search their issuance
> databases and compile statistics about the prevalence of these
> internal-use suffixes, and send the results to Rick Andrews for collation.)
> Here's the bad news. The objection procedure is here:
> http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/objection-dispute-resolution
> - There are only four narrow grounds under which one can object to an
>   application.
> - You need to have standing of a particular sort to file an objection.
> - It costs lots of money to file and prosecute an objection. It depends
>   on the grounds, but we are probably talking €17,000 for a "Limited
>   Public Interest" filing.
> - You have to file a separate objection to each application, so e.g. if
>   we wanted to object to the delegation of ".corp", we would need to
>   file 6 objections!
> This is the most undemocratic and inaccessible bit of internet
> governance I have ever seen.
> We can "make a comment", but that has much less force than an objection.
> Gerv
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