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Rich Smith richard.smith at comodo.com
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Given that my customer is a ministry of the government of Kosovo, I don't
really think that going to fly with them, and it doesn't really fly with me
in terms of maintaining conformance to the laws of the two countries (UK and
US) to which Comodo CA is subject.


As I said, and I'm not trying to be difficult, but the real world fact, from
my perspective, and that of my customer and the laws to which we are both
subject, is that the Republic of Kosovo legally exists as a sovereign
country.  I have an organization which is validated to an EV standard.  I'm
going to solve the problem one way or the other, but my preference is for it
to be done at the Forum level so that there is an official standard in our
industry and relying parties can thereby identify it properly and
consistently.  As I see it, the way to do that is follow the European
Commission's lead and use XK until such time as there is an official 3166
code and publish that as a CA/B Forum standard so that relying parties can
clearly identify it across all CAs.  If a CA is subject to a jurisdiction
where their real world fact is that there is no country called the Republic
of Kosovo, they are free to use the code for Serbia (my guess is they won't
get much business from organizations based in Kosovo, but that's neither
here nor there).


As previously stated, I'm open to edits of my suggested wording, and I'm
open to alternate solutions that solve the problem, BUT saying pretend the
Republic of Kosovo doesn't exist until there's an official ISO 3166 code for
it is NOT a solution.  ISO doesn't create the country.




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Rich, what if you put Serbia as C= and add a region attribute for Kosovo,
will that work?


On 7/31/2012 10:03 PM, Rich Smith wrote:



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Hi Rich,

On 07/30/2012 11:39 PM, From Rich Smith: 

Since XK is set aside by the ISO as user assigned, I tend to lean toward
allowing it, but I also think that we should probably decide as a group so
that we all (at least all in jurisdictions which recognize Kosovo) treat
Kosovo in a uniform fashion.  Thoughts?

I'm not in favor because this code doesn't say really anything to a relying
party (could be as well XX). A code that hasn't been approved shall not be
used because it's not possible to recognize it.

[RWS] OK, I do recognize that XK being unofficial does make it problematic,
and that's why I wanted to get a standard set at the CA/B Forum level, so it
IS identifiable across the industry.  I have submitted a draft motion which
addresses the situation in the same way that the organization to which the
UN passed responsibility for the region has addressed it, and it will allow
a CA to issue a certificate in accordance with the laws of the respective
jurisdictions to which the CA and it's customer are subject.  The motion
clarifies this situation in the BRs and takes into account both those
jurisdictions which DO and DO NOT recognize the sovereignty of the Republic
of Kosovo.  I am absolutely open to constructive edits of that motion for
clarity.  I'm also open to better suggestions if anyone has one, but I do
want to get this resolved quickly as I have a customer, verified to EV
standards, waiting in the wings for a decision.

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