[cabfpub] ISO 3166-1 country codes

Moudrick M. Dadashov md at ssc.lt
Tue Jul 31 21:34:22 UTC 2012

Rich, what if you put Serbia as C= and add a region attribute for 
Kosovo, will that work?


On 7/31/2012 10:03 PM, Rich Smith wrote:
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> Hi Rich,
> On 07/30/2012 11:39 PM, From Rich Smith:
> Since XK is set aside by the ISO as user assigned, I tend to lean 
> toward allowing it, but I also think that we should probably decide as 
> a group so that we all (at least all in jurisdictions which recognize 
> Kosovo) treat Kosovo in a uniform fashion. Thoughts?
> I'm not in favor because this code doesn't say really anything to a 
> relying party (could be as well XX). A code that hasn't been approved 
> shall not be used because it's not possible to recognize it.
> */[RWS] OK, I do recognize that XK being unofficial does make it 
> problematic, and that's why I wanted to get a standard set at the CA/B 
> Forum level, so it IS identifiable across the industry.  I have 
> submitted a draft motion which addresses the situation in the same way 
> that the organization to which the UN passed responsibility for the 
> region has addressed it, and it will allow a CA to issue a certificate 
> in accordance with the laws of the respective jurisdictions to which 
> the CA and it's customer are subject.  The motion clarifies this 
> situation in the BRs and takes into account both those jurisdictions 
> which DO and DO NOT recognize the sovereignty of the Republic of 
> Kosovo.  I am absolutely open to constructive edits of that motion for 
> clarity.  I'm also open to better suggestions if anyone has one, but I 
> do want to get this resolved quickly as I have a customer, verified to 
> EV standards, waiting in the wings for a decision./*
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