[cabf_netsec] Draft Meeting Minutes - Tuesday Oct 26, 2021

Prachi Jain pjain at fastly.com
Tue Nov 2 18:58:16 UTC 2021

Hello Everyone,

Here are the draft minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday, Oct 26'21.

(Apologies for the delay.)





   - Ali Gholami
   - Ben Wilson
   - Clint Wilson
   - Corey Bonnell
   - Dustin Hollenback
   - Niko Carpenter
   - Prachi Jain
   - Quan Nham
   - Tobios Josefowitz
   - Trevoli Ponds-White
   - Tyler Myers
   - Tim Hollebeek

*Anti-trust statement*

   - Clint Wilson (Apple) read the anti-trust statement

*Minute Taker*

   - Prachi Jain (Fastly)

*Approve Previous Minutes*

   - F2F teleconference minutes are not complete yet. Nothing to approve.

*Quick Discussion*

Clint asked if we should move the minute to 5 mins after the usual time ??

*Discussion around Netsec ReCharter*

Ben gave an update on the draft ballot. He is working on the comments that
were posted and has also sent an email to Tim Crawford asking for inputs.
Tim C didn’t like the idea of Netsec group modifying the documents of other
WGs with this recharter. Tim Hollebeek asked what is the reasoning in favor
of this.

Tim H also expressed that he does not like the idea of Netsec group making
changes to any docs without taking help from the concerned WGs like
servercert or code sign.

Clint suggested that we can potentially change the recharter ballot to say
that Netsec group will make changes to NCSSRs and will submit ballots to be
approved by other groups.  Tim H likes that model. Ben suggested that this
will involve a process change. Other groups will need to take the
recommendations from the netsec group and work on proposing the ballot. Tim
H also mentioned that the netsec group can publish and maintain documents.
He said that with the new approach, groups can adopt the changes at their
own pace although it may have its own challenges, which are manageable.
Clint will make some further suggestions on the ballot.

*Discussion Regarding Inflight Ballots*

It was decided that we are going to come back to some of the ballots after
we make progress on risk assessment.

Account Management <https://github.com/cabforum/servercert/pull/210>:
Tobias is considering withdrawing it. There was some discussion around
whether we should wait till the risk assessment is completed.

SC50 <https://github.com/cabforum/servercert/pull/323>; Clint sent it to
servercert wg and no comments so far.

SC51: This is ready to go to the servercert wg but Clint will wait for SC50
to move to the discussion period. Clint is still looking for official
endorsers for this ballot.

*Closing thoughts:*

Feel free to populate the GitHub issues.


*Prachi Jain* | Staff SRE-Foundation Trust Services | Dallas, TX
fastly.com | @fastly <https://twitter.com/fastly> | LinkedIn
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