[cabf_netsec] Draft Minutes of the NetSec Subcommittee Meeting of 7-December-2021

Ben Wilson bwilson at mozilla.com
Tue Dec 7 19:58:19 UTC 2021

*Meeting of Tuesday, 07-December-2021*

*Antitrust Statement* read by Ben

*Roll Call:  *Ben Wilson, Bruce Morton, Tim Crawford, Daniel Jeffery,
Prachi Jain, Ali Gholami, Kati Davids, Corey Rasmussen, Dustin Hollenback,
Niko Carpenter, Quan Nham, Tobias Josefowitz, Trevoli Ponds-White, Tyler
Myers, Adam Jones, Corey Bonnell

*Approval of Minutes:*  Minutes of November 9, 2021, were approved

*Database for Risk Assessment*

The group discussed whether we might be able to use some type of free or
open-source database solution for the CA Risk Assessment. Could MS Access
or SQLite be a solution? Ben has reached out to someone but hasn’t heard
back from them yet. He will continue looking for something free or open
source.  Meanwhile, Daniel will continue working on the risk assessment
using the spreadsheet. It was suggested that Daniel send out an email to
the group if he needs help filling in information for any particular area.

*NetSec WG Ballot*

The group reviewed the proposed ballot and the language to amend the SCWG
Charter to remove reference to the Network and Certificate System Security
Requirements. Ben will finalize the ballot and post it to the public list
for discussion.

*Other Items*

Prachi said that soon she will be submitting a pull request on the
definition of PKI System

*Next meeting*:  December 21, 2021

*Meeting adjourned*.
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