[cabf_netsec] Time to start voting on SC29v3

Neil Dunbar ndunbar at trustcorsystems.com
Mon Apr 27 10:19:22 MST 2020


I'm thinking that with no apparent resistance to ending the moratorium 
on ballots, it's probably time to put Ballot SC29v3 up for voting.

I'll do this tomorrow (Tuesday 28th April) if there are no objections 
from the NetSec team to my doing so. Technically, I put the end of the 
current discussion period at 30th April to stretch out the time, but I 
looked at the bylaws and it says that the proposer can curtail the 
discussion period if no new version of the ballot has been posted in 7 
days - which is the case here.

I do appreciate the full and frank exchange of views, but I'm siding 
with Tobi on this one: if there is indeed a policy benefit to 
prohibiting automatic updating, I don't think that the current ballot is 
the place to do it. All we wanted to do was push the community towards 
continuous monitoring, and accept that as an incremental improvement. I 
think the current SC29v3 does that. We can address effective chain of 
custody issues in other ballots to come.

Thoughts, as alway, very welcome.



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