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I agree with your assessment. I think the very last point is important, and the reason I wanted to focus on "disable access" rather than "disable account".

I see a variety of situations where a critical element to access is removed and accounts and their privileged association are removed later. This is most frequent in offline environments, where physical access to the environment is removed upon termination of a trusted role and accounts are removed quarterly or annually.

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   1. Accounts, Access and Credentials (Neil Dunbar)


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So here's my (current) thinking on the ballot regarding system accounts/user accounts.

It seems that many operations have a centralised list of accounts which represents the maximum _potential_ set of different access identifiers to any given system (example: an enterprise wide LDAP service, and each system is configured to use sssd as its system account database provider). What this means is that I, as a system administrator, could

getent passwd

and get a long list of alice, bob, charlie, dave ... Of whom only bob is actually supposed to be using the system. Now, most of those users will be assigned to groups, or roles, or some sort of privilege assignment.
It's that association of account -> privilege which defines the ability to use the system, not the existence of an account name per se.

So, when I hear the terms "account" and "credential", I tend to think of usernames and passwords, which are not /necessarily /the things that I might want to see controlled. It's the association of privileges that I want to see demonstrably controlled.

So, when we talk about "deactivating" the account, it seems to me that what we want is for the privilege association between the account name and the host to be broken; we remove the username from the group "sensitive_host_users", or we take them out of "two_factor" roles (meaning that their credentials might still work, but are insufficient to access the sensitive host, etc.).

But I wonder if this is what others on the group are thinking?

Looking forward to talking this through,


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