[cabf_netsec] Participation at Face to Face

Ben Wilson ben.wilson at digicert.com
Thu Aug 22 10:07:51 MST 2019

We would like to ensure that active participants and contributors within the
Network Security group have an opportunity to participate in the upcoming


What would be the suggested procedure, in accordance with the bylaws, to
invite/include such individuals?  


Section 3.2 says " (c) By participating in those portions of Forum
Teleconferences and Forum Meetings to which they are invited by the Forum
Chair relating to their areas of special expertise or the subject of their
CWG participation."  Section 5.4 says "Interested Parties and others may be
invited by the Chair, in the Chair's discretion, to participate in those
portions of Forum Teleconferences and Forum Meetings that are relevant to
their expertise or their participation in a CWG."  


Can we create some sort of invitation or advisory for network security
participation at the face-to-face?







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