[cabf_netsec] Today's Call

Ben Wilson ben.wilson at digicert.com
Thu Apr 18 07:38:58 MST 2019

I've had a work emergency come up.  If I launch the call and set recording
on, can someone take over leading the conversation and assigning someone to
take notes?


Here is the antitrust statement to be read:


"As you know, this meeting includes companies that compete against one
another. This meeting is intended to discuss technical standards related to
the provision of existing and new types of digital certificates without
restricting competition in developing and marketing such certificates. This
meeting is not intended to share competitively-sensitive information among
competitors, and therefore all participants agree not to discuss or exchange
information related to:


(a)  Pricing policies, pricing formulas, prices or other terms of sale;


(b)  Costs, cost structures, profit margins,


(c)  Pending or planned service offerings,


(d)  Customers, business, or marketing plans; or


(e)  The allocation of customers, territories, or products in any way."



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