[Infrastructure] 2022-11-16 Meeting Minutes

Corey Bonnell Corey.Bonnell at digicert.com
Wed Nov 16 16:42:16 UTC 2022


Ben Wilson

Corey Bonnell

Jos Purvis

Llew Curran

Martiijn Katerbarg

Tyler Myers

Wayne Thayer


* BookStackApp Wiki *


Jos demoed a BookStackApp-based Wiki that he created to document how to run
a CABF WG. Jos mentioned that the software is more modern and is easier to
administer than DocuWiki. Jos asked the group whether we should consider
moving from DocuWiki. Ben suggested that we could import everything to an
"archive" and selectively move items from the archive to the "main" area as
needed. Martijn raised the concern that the search functionality might pull
in archived results.


Jos demonstrated that archived results could be excluded by using search
filters. Jos asked how we can transition to this system. Wayne raised the
concern of how users would be migrated. Martijn suggested that the
Membership Management tool could be used to automatically create users.


Martijn offered to work on automatic account creation using the BookStackApp
REST API. Jos offered to work on automatic creation of pages from DocuWiki
using the REST API.


* Website *


Ben reported that the upgrade to latest PHP and WordPress theme went well.
The only issue is that the menus do not appear on some browsers.


Martijn said that the menu is rendering correctly from him. Several other
members reported that the menu is rendering correctly for them as well.


Jos determined that a content blocker was preventing the correct rendering
of the menu.


Jos mentioned that Paul suggested using a static website generator. Jos said
he previously experimented with this, but the group previously agreed that
it was not worth the effort to migrate. He asked the group whether any
opinions have changed. No one raised any response that would indicate any


* Other business *




Meeting adjourned.

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