[Infrastructure] Minutes of Meeting 2-Nov-2022

Martijn Katerbarg martijn.katerbarg at sectigo.com
Tue Nov 8 11:02:12 UTC 2022

Infrastructure Committee Meeting of 2-November-2022

Attendees: Ben Wilson (Mozilla), Corey Bonnell (DigiCert), Daryn Wright (GoDaddy), Dean Coclin (DigiCert), Iñigo Barreira, Jos Purvis (Fastly), Martijn Katerbarg (Sectigo)

Antitrust Statement read by Jos.

Membership Tools:  A bug was discovered in the membership tool during attendee registration at the F2F, which led to duplicate name registrations. This has been resolved and the affected meetings were corrected. Quorum calculations are up next, for which development has started. Quorum will only count organizations that are allowed to vote. Once that is done mailman management should be next, which is pending updating our mailman version.

Dean suggested if we can look at automating in person registration for at the F2F. Recommended way forward is for asking everyone to login to the Webex. If that is impossible for a few members, they should register themselves with the Chair.

There is also a conflict with  Server Cert / CABForum combined meeting URL. We discussed possibly separating the combined meeting in the future and using two instead.

Mailman upgrade: Jos is working on setting up a development version in which we can try upgrading, before actually doing this in the production version

Process Documentation: Inigo raised the issue of a lot of Chair responsibilities not being documented. Jos is working on refining and updating all documentation over the next few days.

Website pages: There’s a number of pages we should have a discussion on to be able to update these.

*       Browser/OS Information: Does not list every Certificate Consumer. It was discussed to rename this page to Certificate Consumers instead. Suggestion to also add the general email address for each consumer
*       CA Practices: Jos gave a suggestion for a lead text explaining which documents the CA/B Forum has, and below that list other recommended practices, maintained by other parties
*       Minutes: Minutes is basically just a landing page containing a new URL for where the minutes actually are. There was a discussion around separating the minutes per WG and then have the Minutes page contain just Forum minutes
*       Documents: This is one long page that first prints all the current and past BRs, before moving on with CS, NetSec, S/MIME and EV. It was discussed to keep the URL alive, but point towards each WG their own documents

Meeting adjourned.

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