[Infrastructure] Preparation of review period for SC30 and SC31

Jos Purvis (jopurvis) jopurvis at cisco.com
Fri Jul 17 07:50:28 MST 2020

Hi Dimitris,

For the current version in Word format, you can fetch it from this link:

That's the same link as the PDF from the front page of the CABF repository, but with the extension changed to docx (we need to update the README on the repository to reflect the new formats and whatnot!).

For the SC30 and SC31 ballots, the Travis build completed successfully, but it doesn't look like it uploaded the resulting artifacts to S3. Ryan, is that something we need to fix? (Looks like that used to be the default and isn't anymore?)

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On 7/17/20, 1:57 AM, "Infrastructure on behalf of Dimitris Zacharopoulos (HARICA)" <infrastructure-bounces at cabforum.org on behalf of dzacharo at harica.gr> wrote:

    The review period needs to start soon (by Tuesday 2020-07-21), and I 
    need some help to get this ready using the new pandoc system. If the 
    pandoc conversion doesn't work as expected, I will have to do everything 
    manually using MS word.

    Can someone please provide me with the docx version of the "existing" 
    Baseline Requirements (or show me how to get it), so I can compare it 
    against the docx version we currently use to produce the PDF of the BRs? 
    This will be my first check.

    Once I verify that there are no differences (other than formatting) with 
    the current BRs, I will ask for the docx version produced by ballots 
    SC30 and SC31 combined, unless someone shows me how to produce this 
    combined docx version on my own.

    Since we're doing this for the first time (relying so much on pandoc 
    conversion for the review period) I will definitely need a second pair 
    of eyes to confirm that the contents of the ballots are indeed 
    incorporated into the produced combined docx/pdf that will be sent to 
    the WG. This will probably be Wayne or Ryan (proposer of both ballots).

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