[Infrastructure] Numerous Branches in cabforum GitHub

Ben Wilson benwilsonusa at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 10:10:40 MST 2020

One thing I didn't raise on the call, but maybe we ought to resolve is the
numerous branches that have been created over time. I think Ryan was
suggesting that those could be archived (sorry I couldn't follow all that
was said about archiving), but can the branches just be deleted?  I recall
that after a branch has been merged with Master, a message pops up saying
you can now delete the branch.  I was always hesitant to do that because I
was worried about losing a record of what was done, but isn't that
information stored in Github somewhere else, like in the pull request
or something? (I think that some of the branches were just used as
sandboxes until I figured out how to fork branches under my own github
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