[Infrastructure] Separate GitHub Repositories for Each Working Group

Wayne Thayer wthayer at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 09:16:13 MST 2020

During last week's Infrastructure call, Ben, Jos, and I discussed the
proposal to split https://github.com/cabforum/documents/ into separate
repositories for each WG's documents. I don't believe that we need to
create a ballot to proceed with this change, but I suggested that we should
announce the change on the public list and give members a chance to object
to it. Here is what I think we want to propose:

The Infrastructure Subcommittee plans to change the structure of the
Forum's GitHub organization to better reflect the evolving structure of the
Forum itself.

We'll create new repositories under the 'cabforum' organization as follows:
- "forum" - contains the Bylaws (and potentially IPR agreement and other
Forum level docs)
- "servercert" - Charter, BRs, and EVGLs
- "code-signing" - Code signing Charter, BRs, and EV code signing guidelines
- "smime" - Charter and BRs for S/MIME certificates
- "tools" - automation code and other Infrastructure WG files

Each repo will have access rights specific to the working group (e.g. SCWG
members won't be able to approve changes to the SMCWG repo).

Each repo will be configured to enforce reviews before merging a pull

This change will be accomplished by moving documents from the existing repo
into the new ones in such a way that history is preserved (most likely by
forking 'documents' and then deleting files that are not in the scope of
the new repo).

The change will be made on XX date.

What am I missing?


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