[Infrastructure] Wiki and Markdown

Ryan Sleevi sleevi at google.com
Tue Jun 18 01:30:36 MST 2019

Recently, in preparing the CA/Browser Forum minutes, I ended up needing to
spend nearly twenty minutes in the source editing view, just to try to
correct some bad indentation introduced in a list by another author. The
sample minutes this person included had multiple layers of invisible
styling. For example, multiple nested spans setting the same font face,
multiple nested unordered lists, hard line breaks, etc.

Even after the most recent F2F, I see multiple font styles and sizes being
used in the minutes - no doubt coming from various authors pasting from
their preferred text editor, and that new Dokuwiki preserving that syntax
as best as possible by using the HTML version from the clipboard.

I'm worried that this is going to make the wiki harder, rather than easier,
to maintain. Even 'simple' stuff like formatting a list of items should not
take so long, and that it does, and is seemingly so easy to make the
mistake, gives me pause.

I realize there's seemingly no maintained version for markdown, but it
seems this hell is coming from CKEditor. Can we disable that for the Wiki?
Was it intentional to enable this HTML-ized form, and not the 'simple' text
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