[Infrastructure] Experiment: Recompile using entirely Pandoc

Dimitris Zacharopoulos (HARICA) dzacharo at harica.gr
Sun Apr 7 23:56:01 MST 2019

Thanks Jos, this looks really promising!

I noticed some issues with the numbering of different levels. For 
example, take a look at section 5.4.1. Page numbers are also missing 
from the docx version. We're getting close!


On 7/4/2019 9:32 μ.μ., Jos Purvis (jopurvis) wrote:
> It’s astonishing what you can get done when you’re avoiding other 
> work. ☺For fun[0], I decided to see how much would need to change in 
> the BRs to get Pandoc to produce a PDF from them, since it can happily 
> take the same source document and also produce DOCX, HTML, and even 
> ODT. Turns out, it wasn’t much:
>  1. I removed the funky Kramdown table header lines from the list of
>     ballots and the list of effective dates at the top of the document.
>  2. I removed some zero-length Unicode space characters that had crept
>     into one of the 7.2.2.X.X.X sections.
> That’s it. Really.
> From there, I added a metadata file (“BR.yaml”) that contains some 
> document variables like the title and copyright info, and a template 
> LaTeX document with a nice-looking title page, since that’s what 
> Pandoc uses in the background to produce a PDF. Then I converted the 
> old title block for the document to a ‘Verso’ page so there’s still a 
> title at the top of the Markdown file. The result is attached: I think 
> it looks pretty close to what we were looking for, including an 
> automatically-generated table of contents and a nice title page, and 
> we can use the same toolset to generate all of the output artifacts. 
> From there, next steps would be to generate a similarly nice-looking 
> Word doc (Pandoc will take an existing DOCX as a template and use its 
> formatting styles) and CSS for the other two formats.
> Note that we don’t /need/ to go this route, but it’s cool to note that 
> a little tinkering with the Markdown generated something that will 
> produce all three outputs pretty easily. If you’re curious, I forked 
> the repo and the changes and artifact output are here:
> https://github.com/castillar/documents
> --Jos
> [0] For interesting values of “fun” that include “avoiding 
> house-cleaning”.
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