[Infrastructure] Draft Minutes of Meeting 3-April-2019

Ben Wilson ben.wilson at digicert.com
Wed Apr 3 09:01:28 MST 2019

Here are the draft minutes from today's call.

Meeting of CABF Infrastructure Working Group

Present:  Jos Purvis, Dimitris Zacharopoulos, Ben Wilson, Daymion Reynolds

Antitrust Statement:  Ben read antitrust statement

Approval of Minutes:  Minutes of last two telephonic meetings were approved.  Meetings of the Infrastructure WG of the F2F will be approved at the next WG meeting.

Agenda:  Discussed procedures for posting agenda and agreed that a standing agenda could be used.

Dimitris asked that we make sure to discuss the creation of documented procedures for publishing canonical versions on GitHub.  Jos said he'd add that as a sub-bullet to the standing agenda under Document Management.

Document Management:  Dimitris had identified tasks in an email of March 16, 2019, which we reviewed (Cover page, table of contents, etc.).

Revisions to section 7.1.2 are a BR revisions issue, and not an issue with transition to GitHub, so we'll need to raise that with the Server Certificate Working Group.

Table of Contents are needed, but the process needs to be streamlined. A docx version wouldn't be the canonical version, but Dimitris said that as chair he would be willing to create a docx and/or PDF version with a table of contents and page numbering.  ToCs aren't normative parts of the requirements.  Jos referenced the Weasyprint samples that appear to provide an automated way to create ToCs. One of our challenges is that we still don't fully understand how to use the Travis scripts or how to run them locally and fine tune them.

Document Management Tasks:  Identify what needs to be changed in the BRs, explore solutions for creating tables of contents, and the automated creation of a redlined version.  (We need to find a better solution to create an inline presentation of changes with redlining similar to what we get with Word-to-PDF.)  Dimitris and Jos will try run some of the tools locally and see what they can get.

Wiki:  Jos used a tool that loaded the Moinmoin version into DocuWiki.  Tables and attachments were imported, too.  Page history didn't come through. (Previous pages are there, they just aren't linked.)  The archivable version of the wiki is 2 GB (because of attachments).  We'll archive that somewhere for future reference. We're all ready now to move the wiki to DocuWiki, but we need a place to move it to.  For wiki.cabforum.org, we'll need an IP address or A record.  And we'll need to move everything else (listserv, etc.), but we need to get going immediately-- Daymion is going to be busy with audit cycles in May.

Wiki Tasks:  Jos will reach out to Dave at Amazon to see if we can get those resources within the next two weeks.

No other business.

Meeting adjourned.

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