[Infrastructure] CABForum Site and Next Steps

Daymion T. Reynolds dreynolds at godaddy.com
Wed Apr 3 08:53:18 MST 2019

Next Steps: The order of operation as I see it today.

All of this is predicated on compute becoming available.

  1.  Create "wiki.cabforum.com" record - Daymion (Need IP or A record)
  2.  Move the WIKI, and migrate the current wiki location. (Redirect) - Jos, Daymion to provide the latest dump, add redirect to cabforum.com/wiki to wiki.cabforum.com.
  3.  Create "mail.cabforum.com" record - Daymion (Need IP or A record)
  4.  Optional: Add mail.cabforum.com directory to sub mailing lists. (Make them easier to find.)
  5.  Move the mailing lists to mail.cabforum.com. -??, Add CabForum redirects for each existing mailing list Daymion
  6.  Move the public website to MWP, add redirect to new wiki on cabforum.com/wiki -> wiki.cabforum.com, add the redirects to current mailing lists.
  7.  Change original services domain to a subdomain, archive.cabforum.com.


Daymion Reynolds
Product Manager GoDaddy PKI/SSL
Sr. Director of Security Products.

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