[cabf_governance] Late change request to IPR Policy - Proposed change to definition of "Affiliates"

Tim Hollebeek tim.hollebeek at digicert.com
Fri Mar 23 01:08:24 MST 2018

It will be a delay, though, because the formal discussion period restarts.  And perhaps a significant one, because:


1.	the member has not identified themselves (why?)
2.	there is no concrete proposed text
3.	the issue seems unlikely to be resolved quickly


I also share Virginia’s concern about accommodating non-critical last minute changes based on concerns that could have been raised at any time in the last year.


Personally, if we add something back like this, it has to be a vote of the forum, because I don’t think I’m comfortable with one person deciding who gets an exclusion from being an Affiliate.




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On 23/3/2018 1:33 πμ, Virginia Fournier via Govreform wrote:

If we make the requested change, we would likely have to restart the informal discussion period, formal discussion period, and voting period timetable, meaning the process would be delayed further.  When other members see that a last minute change was accommodated, more changes could be requested, creating further delays.

I believe we are currently in the formal discussion period but restarting is not necessary. The official discussion period can extend the 7 days per Bylaws 2.3 (c). Here is part of 2.3 (c):

"The discussion period then shall take place for at least seven calendar days before votes are cast. At any time, a new version of the ballot (marked with a distinguishing version number) may be posted by the proposer in the same manner as the original. Once no new version of the ballot has been posted for seven calendar days, the proposer may end the discussion period and start the voting period by reposting the final version of the ballot and clearly indicating that voting is to begin, along with the start and end dates and times (including time zone) for the voting period".

Once you have all the changes ready, the final version of the ballot will be posted and you will indicate the start and end time for voting.

Please note per the same section, once an official discussion period begins, the voting must begin within 21 calendar days otherwise it automatically fails.


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