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Virginia Fournier vfournier at apple.com
Mon Jan 22 17:11:40 MST 2018

Hello all,

I will be at an all-day meeting tomorrow, so I will not be able to attend the Governance WG meeting.  There seem to be some new issues opening up, which is frustrating as we’ve been discussing the documents for over a year now.  It looks like we will need to revise the ballot and documents before we’ll be ready to send anything out.

Maybe during the meeting tomorrow the group could look through the recent emails and consolidate the new issues that have been voiced since the last meeting, and potential fixes for those issues.  For example, Tim H/Wayne T brought up the issue of being able to share work between WGs without having IP issues.  There’s also the subcommittee issue.  I’d like to weigh in on these issues too, so please don’t send anything out until I’ve also had a chance to provide feedback.

Any other thoughts? 

Best regards,

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