[cabf_governance] draft Charter template for new WGs

Dimitris Zacharopoulos jimmy at it.auth.gr
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On 1/2/2017 11:26 μμ, Dean Coclin via Govreform wrote:
> Here is the revised charter document as discussed on yesterday’s call. 
>  We had a lighter crowd than usual so please provide your comments on 
> the attached.
> I don’t think this needs to be circulated to the larger forum at this 
> time as we have received no comments on the substantive document and 
> this is just a procedural template. I think we should circulate this 
> once we have draft bylaws.
> Dean

I know we have discussed this in the larger forum but since the charter 
document describes voting procedures, perhaps in the "Voting Structure 
for WG: (e.g., 2/3 of CAs, ½ of Browsers)" we could add a note that 
members participating in this WG, which are eligible for more than one 
member categories, MUST represent only one category for voting purposes.


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> Hello all,
> Attached is the draft charter template to be used when new WGs are set 
> up.  Please let me know your questions, comments, and concerns.
> Thanks very much to Andrew Whalley for his helpful comments.
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