[Cscwg-public] Final Minutes for CSCWG November 5, 2019 Face to Face meeting

Dean Coclin dean.coclin at digicert.com
Mon Nov 25 17:24:22 MST 2019


Chaired by Dean Coclin


1.	Call to Order
2.	Reading of Anti-Trust Statement - read by Robin
3.	Roll Call: Tim Hollebeek, Chris Bailey, Xiu Lei, Eva Van
Steenbrugge, Dimitris Zacharopoulos, Robin Alden, Leo Grove, Clemens Wanko,
Li-Chun Chen, Enrico Entschew, Andreas Hentschel, Scott Rea, Mike Reilly,
Tim Callan (by phone), Tomas Gustavson, Atsushi Inaba
4.	Approval of prior minutes- Minutes of October 24th approved 
5.	Scope of WG reminder - Dean read the working group charter to remind
everyone what we can and cannot be working on
6.	SHA-1 prohibition ballot -  Mike reported that Jason is working on
this but did not have an update
7.	CA Survey - Mike reported that Jason is working on this but did not
have an update
8.	Process to merge documents - Rich and Bruce were not in attendance.
It was suggested that in order to make progress on this in a substantial
way, a summit be held possibly at Microsoft, in the next few months before
the Bratislava F2F. Mike will advise if this is possible.
9.	Any other business 

a.	Mitigating fraud in code signing certificates - this topic could
also be covered at the summit. Specifically, ways to improve validation and
reduce fraud in obtaining such certs. 
b.	Quantum state code signing - another topic for the summit, where
Microsoft could bring in some people from MSFT research

10.	Next meeting date November 21st.
11.	Adjourn



Dean Coclin

Code Signing Certificate Working Group Chair




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