[Cscwg-public] Code Signing Working Group Final Minutes - 24 October 2019

Dean Coclin dean.coclin at digicert.com
Tue Nov 5 22:32:36 MST 2019


Final Meeting Minutes 10/24/19


1.	Call to Order - Assign Note taker (need a volunteer) - Bruce Morton
2.	Reading of Anti-Trust Statement - complete
3.	Roll Call - Bruce, Atsushi, Joanna, Hugh, Daniela, Rich, Ben, Tim H.
4.	Approval of prior minutes - Minutes from 10 October 2019 were
5.	Potential new members status - No new members were discussed
6.	SHA-1 prohibition ballot -  Jason Cooper has action to draft ballot.
7.	CA Survey - Microsoft would like to do a CA survey. This survey can
help to baseline the CAs on what has been deployed. This data could help
when we merge the documents as items which are not deployed could be
eliminated. Example could be CPS in RFC 2527 format or the deployment of a
Signing Authority.
8.	Any other business 

a.	Topics for F2F Meeting - Process to merge documents was suggested.
b.	Official Version of Code Signing documents - Ben advised that the
official versions are Word based. Ben will provide the Wiki links and email
a copy of the documents to the working group management list.
c.	Merge documents - Rich and Bruce volunteered to be on the project to
merge the documents in RFC 3647 format.
d.	Quantum state code signing - Tim asked is there was any interest for
this group regarding quantum state code signing. Tim can review if quantum
state code signing would have any impact to our current documents. Rich
suggested that this would not be worth pursuing if client software is not
implementing. We would like to know if Microsoft is pursing this. Tim could
give a review in a future meeting.

9.	Next meeting - Meeting of 7 November 2019 is cancelled due to the
F2F meeting in China.
10.	Adjourned.





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