[cabf_validation] Draft minutes of Validation Subcommittee 2023-07-13

Aaron Gable aaron at letsencrypt.org
Thu Jul 13 16:58:19 UTC 2023

Aaron Gable - (Let's Encrypt), Aaron Poulsen - (Amazon), Abhishek Bhat -
(eMudhra), Andrea Holland - (VikingCloud), Ben Wilson - (Mozilla), Chris
Clements - (Google), Clint Wilson - (Apple), Corey Bonnell - (DigiCert),
Dimitris Zacharopoulos - (HARICA), Doug Beattie - (GlobalSign), Dustin
Hollenback - (Microsoft), Gurleen Grewal - (Google), Inigo Barreira -
(Sectigo), Janet Hines - (VikingCloud), Joseph Ramm - (OATI), Li-Chun Chen
- (Chunghwa Telecom), Martijn Katerbarg - (Sectigo), Michael Slaughter -
(Amazon), Michelle Coon - (OATI), Miguel Sanchez - (Google), Nargis Mannan
- (VikingCloud), Nate Smith - (GoDaddy), Paul van Brouwershaven -
(Entrust), Pedro Fuentes - (OISTE Foundation), Rebecca Kelley - (Apple),
Rollin Yu - (TrustAsia Technologies, Inc.), Roman Fischer - (SwissSign),
Ryan Dickson - (Google), Thomas Zermeno - (SSL.com), Tobias Josefowitz -
(Opera Software AS), Wayne Thayer - (Fastly), Yashwanth TM - (eMudhra)

- Ready by Corey Bonnell

*Approving minutes*- F2F #59: approved
- 2023-06-15: approved

*Update from MPDV group* (Ryan Dickson)
- Some outstanding comments on GitHub pull request.
- Princeton team still working on signing the IPR agreement. State they
have no potential claims, just working through the university's legal
- Can they be invited? Corey Bonnell and Dimitris Zacharopoulos confirm
that they need to be an Interested Party first. Wayne Thayer confirms
that's the intent, at least.
- Henry Birge-Lee plans to provide some research regarding the value of
MPDV for CAA checks specifically.

*Update from Domain Validation Delegation Threat Modeling group* (Michael
- Group consists of Clint Wilson, Martijn Katerbarg, Corey Bonnell, and
Michael Slaughter.
- Met 2023-07-12 to determine framework how the group will proceed: what's
in scope, what's out of scope, identifying next steps.
- Next step is to identify threats and mitigations.
- Planned output is one or more ballots updating current validation methods
or proposing new ones.

*Next meeting*
- July 27 meeting cancelled due to expected low attendance.
- Therefore next meeting will be 2023-08-10

*Meeting adjourned*
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