[cabf_validation] Multi-Perspective Issuance Corroboration Updates

Ryan Dickson ryandickson at google.com
Mon Aug 21 16:17:46 UTC 2023

Hi everyone,

At the last Validation Subcommittee meeting (August 10), we shared a few
updates related to our continued efforts in drafting requirements related
to Multi-Perspective Issuance Corroboration (formerly known as
“Multi-Perspective Domain Validation”). Below is a summary to amplify those
updates and help carry the effort’s momentum forward.

Recent Updates:


   The latest version of the draft requirements is located here
   <https://github.com/ryancdickson/staging/pull/8/files> (this is a
   comparison against the approved version of SC-63).

   Comments made against the first version
   <https://github.com/ryancdickson/staging/pull/6> were addressed in a
   separate (second
   <https://github.com/ryancdickson/staging/tree/require-mpdv-v2>) branch
   to help highlight changes across versions. A diff between the current and
   first version is located here

   Changes (from V1 to V2) include:

      “Multi-Perspective Domain Validation” -> “Multi-Perspective Issuance
      Corroboration” to better frame that CAA checks are also expected to take
      place from multiple Network Perspectives.

      Permit re-use of CAA determinations made from Network Perspectives to
      reduce unintended operational burden on implementers. The researchers
      shared some additional context re: the value of checking CAA
from multiple
      perspectives here

      Updated how we defined geographic diversity requirements (from
      continental boundaries to Regional Internet Registry boundaries).

      Streamlined and simplified the quorum requirements table and
      implementation timeline.

      Minor clean-ups and language improvements to promote simplicity and

Next Steps:


   Host Ad-hoc Meeting [action requested by September 1] - Rather than
   continuing to await the conclusion of the IPR signature process, we’d be
   happy to host an ad-hoc meeting of the “Multi-VA Work Team
   established after F2F 58 to allow members of this community to ask
   questions or clarifications in a forum which the Princeton researchers can
   readily participate in. Let us know if you’re interested by September 1st,
   and we’ll work with the researchers and interested parties to identify a
   meeting date and time. Our goal for the ad-hoc meeting is to avoid losing
   the momentum started at F2F 58 as we await completion of the IPR process.

   Collect Feedback [action requested by September 15] - We’re actively
   seeking feedback on the proposal from members of this community.

      Good: Share feedback via email.

      Better: Add comments to the Pull Request

      Best: Add suggested edits addressing concerns directly to the Pull
      Request <https://github.com/ryancdickson/staging/pull/8>.

   Collect Endorser(s) - We have one endorser for the proposal (Aaron
   Gable, Let’s Encrypt). Let us know if you’d be interested in endorsing the
   ballot as we look to move into a discussion period.


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