[cabf_validation] domain registrar as an applicant

Adriano Santoni adriano.santoni at staff.aruba.it
Mon Oct 22 02:24:57 MST 2018


I'd like to get some opinions on the following doubt.

Can it be inferred, from the BRs, that the entity which is is officialy 
designated (e.g. by governmental acts) as the /unique/ registrar of a 
certain domain also /controls/ that domain and is therefore "entitled" 
(subject to the remaining checks required by the BRs) to receive SSL 
server certificates for such domain and all subdomains thereof? I mean, 
can we draw this conclusion based on "just" the official documental 
evidences (e.g. by governmental acts) ? Section of the BRs seems 
not to allow that - or not too clearly, at any rate.

(Please note that I am not referring to the particular circumstance 
addressed by of the BRs)


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