[cabf_validation] Minutes from the Validation Subcommittee meeting of 27 September 2018

Adriano Santoni adriano.santoni at staff.aruba.it
Mon Oct 1 23:05:00 MST 2018

Will ballot SC7 be based on the proposal "jeremy-ip-Oct2017" ?

Il 01/10/2018 17:09, Bruce Morton via Validation ha scritto:
> Here are minutes from the Validation Subcommittee meeting on 27 
> September 2018.
> 1.SC4 – Email and CAA Contact
> Tim plans to post and update to the ballot today (27 September 2018).
> 2.SC7 – IP Address validation Methods
> Wayne stated this ballot is almost ready to post. There was discussion 
> about the effective date which would be about 6 months or April/May 
> 2019. On the effective date all new certificate must be issued using 
> the new IP address validation methods.
> 3.SC5 – Method 3 and Phone CAA Contact
> Doug is waiting for any issues with SC4 to be resolved before 
> completing this ballot.
> Ryan advised that both SC4 and SC5 could advance if CAA was the only 
> method to verify the email address or the phone number as there 
> appears to be no issues with using CAA.
> Tim requested concreate issues on using DNS TXT to obtain the email 
> address or phone number. Ryan responded that these comments have been 
> provided on the DL and would like to keep this as a separate conversation.
> Tim requested if the DNS TXT issues could be discussed at the next 
> Validation Subcommittee meeting in 2 weeks (11 October 2019). Ryan 
> stated yes.
> It was suggested that SC5 might need to split up into 2 parts: 1) how 
> to get a phone number and 2) how to use the phone number.
> 4.Ballot 225 – Improvements to EV Guidelines
> Tim stated there is an issue with D&B being a QIIS. Planning to 
> discuss defining who is a QIIS or QTIS.
> 5.Validation method OIDs in Certificates
> Wayne is waiting for the Bylaws to be updated as they may need IPR 
> review. It was stated that no the Bylaws do not need IPR review and 
> IPR review is only required when guidelines are updated. As such, 
> Wayne plans to proceed with the ballot.
> 6.Clean Up ballot
> Suggested there should be a cleanup ballot this fall and not wait 
> until the spring.
> There are some changes which are required to both the Bylaws and the 
> BRs. It was noted that as there are different voters for each of these 
> documents, then there must be 2 clean up ballots, one for the Forum 
> (Bylaws) and one for the Servercert WG (BRs).
> 7.Discussion Priorities
> a.BGP/DNS robustness
> b.Method 9 removal
> c.Method 10 update. Ryan stated there are still issues as the RFC is 
> still in final call. Tim would not like the RFC to be normative. Ryan 
> stated that it would be best to start with the RFC and then make 
> changes based on how CAs are using Method 10. As such there could be 2 
> methods where one is based on the RFC and the other is modified. It 
> was recommended that the CAs provide information on how they are using 
> Method 10. Ryan plans to propose text.
> d.Method 6 work on HTTP method
> 8.Underscore in DNS Names
> Wayne would like to clean up the issue with underscore in domain 
> names. Google and Mozilla that underscore in domain names is not 
> allowed per RFC 5280. However, some CAs consider this to be a grey 
> area based on the previous ballot. A ballot will determine the outcome 
> and get this issued closed.
> Thanks, Bruce.
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