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Rick -

Sorry for missing that. I’ll endorse if you want to move forward with your
ballot. Alternately, there was a suggestion to ask Gerv about combining this
with the ballot he suggested that would add the methods that weren’t in 181
but didn’t draw exclusion notices for 182.



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1.	A few weeks ago I proposed in the VWG a ballot to remove the
language about Required Website Content because the presence of option #2 in (which uses Random Value or Request token without any additional
Subscriber information) seems to make the additional Subscriber information
2.	Yes, that’s a typo that should be Random Value. I corrected that in
my proposed ballot.
3.	Agreed.

Now that the logjam is broken, does the VWG have any issue with me proposing
my earlier ballot (attached) in the broader Forum? I would add Wayne’s #3
correction too.


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Subject: [cabf_validation] Clarifying

I’ve noted a few potential issues with (Agreed‐Upon Change to
Website) that I’d like to discuss:

1.       In the definition of Required Website Content, the phrase
“together with additional information that uniquely identifies the
Subscriber” implies that the Random Value or Request Token isn’t enough,
even if that alone uniquely identifies the Subscriber to the CA. Is that the

2.       The term Request Value in #2 is not defined

3.       It references section 3.3.1 which is blank. Should it reference



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