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Thank you Jochem:

We will add this to the agenda of our next SMCWG meeting.

With kind regards, Stephen




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Hi all,


Ballot SMC03 introduced the term "extant CA" as follows:


1.	Is a Publicly-Trusted Subordinate CA Certificate whose `notBefore`
field is before September 1, 2023 and has issued end entity S/MIME
2.	The CA Certificate includes no Extended Key Usage extension,
contains `anyExtendedKeyUsage` in the EKU extension, or contains
`id-kp-emailProtection` in the EKU extension; 
3.	 The CA Certificate complies with the profile defined in [RFC 5280](
lZjpoOkY> http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5280). The following two deviations
from the [RFC 5280](
hYzpoOkY> http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5280) profile are acceptable: 

a.	The CA Certificate contains a `nameConstraints` extension that is
not marked critical; 
b.	The CA Certificate contains a policy qualifier of type UserNotice
which contains `explicitText` that uses an encoding that is not permitted by
[RFC 5280](
iNTpoOkY> http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5280) (i.e., the `DisplayText` is
encoded using BMPString or VisibleString); and 

4.	The CA Certificate contains the `anyPolicy` identifier (
or specific OIDs in the `certificatePolicies` extension that do not include
those defined in [Section](#7161-reserved-certificate-policy-identifiers) of these


Now it might seem like nit-picking but we had a question specifically about
the first line. If a CA is S/MIME capable but only issues other CA
certificates which in turn issue end-user S/MIME certificates is that still
be covered by this definition?  


PKIoverheid operates a 4-layer hierarchy in which the level 2 CAs only issue
CA certificates to Trust Service providers who actually issue end-user
(S/MIME and qualified) certificates. We're asking this question because
we're currently planning (re)issuance of existing PKIoverheid level 3 CAs to
remain compliant with the SBRGs (or move them off S/MIME completely when it
is no longer needed) per the timelines stated in Appendix B. 


Reading the text verbatim would indicate that the level 2 CAs are not
included in the definition of the "extant CA" since it never has and never
will issue end-user certificates of any kind but we have our doubts if that
is a valid interpretation.


What take do other CAs (or browsers) have on this? 


Kind Regards,


Jochem van den Berge

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