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Adriano Santoni adriano.santoni at staff.aruba.it
Wed May 10 08:36:17 UTC 2023

That's also my interpretation, and so I concur with Bruce.


Il 05/05/2023 20:59, Bruce Morton via Smcwg-public ha scritto:
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> For authentication of individual identity, S/MIME BR 3.2.4 states:
> *The CA or RA SHALL* collect and retain evidence supporting the 
> following identity attributes for the Individual Applicant:
> 1.Given name(s) and surname(s), which SHALL be current names;
> 2.Pseudonym (if used);
> 3.Title (if used);
> 4.Address (if displayed in Subject); and
> 5.Further information as needed to uniquely identify the Applicant
> Should Enterprise RA be included, since we allow an *Enterprise RA* to 
> verify this data and section item 5 says “In the case of 
> Sponsor-validated Certificates approved by an Enterprise RA, records 
> maintained by the Enterprise RA SHALL be accepted as evidence of 
> Individual identity.”?
> Thanks, Bruce.
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