[Smcwg-public] Validation of Information for Name-Constrained SubCAs

Ben Wilson bwilson at mozilla.com
Tue Aug 8 19:55:48 UTC 2023

Does anyone recall offhand why section 7.1.5 doesn't also refer to section

Section 7.1.5 says, "The CA SHALL confirm that the Applicant has registered
the FQDN contained in the rfc822Name or has authorized by the domain
registrant to act on the registrant’s behalf in line with the verification
practices of Section"   Section is "Validating applicant
as operator of associated mail server(s)", and section is "Validating
authority over mailbox via domain."  Was there a concern that was
too broad and that validation had to be done pursuant to section
And what about section (validating control over mailbox via email).


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