[Smcwg-public] Ballot SMC01: Final Guideline for “S/MIME Baseline Requirements”

Dimitris Zacharopoulos (HARICA) dzacharo at harica.gr
Tue Sep 13 16:02:01 UTC 2022

On 13/9/2022 6:54 μ.μ., Stephen Davidson via Smcwg-public wrote:
> Hello all:
> A reminder that the ballot period for SMC01 begins on Thursday, 15 
> September.
> Vote for approval (7 days)
> Start Time: 15 September 2022 17:00 UTC
> End Time: 22 September 2022 17:00 UTC
> Best regards, Stephen

Hi Stephen,

I'm not sure what you mean by that. We are in the official discussion 
period of the ballot and this is the time for updates to be submitted 
and updates to take place, before the voting period begins. According to 
the Bylaws, this discussion period can be extended until 21 days from 
the last submitted proposed guideline.

The voting period only begins when you send an email to the list, after 
at least 7 days official discussion from the last proposed document, and 
clearly state that "voting begins" for this ballot. In other words, 
voting *doesn't start automatically* because it's stated in the footer 
of the ballot.


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> *Subject:* [Smcwg-public] Ballot SMC01: Final Guideline for “S/MIME 
> Baseline Requirements”
> *Ballot SMC01: Final Guideline for “S/MIME Baseline Requirements” ***
> **
> *Purpose of Ballot:*
> The S/MIME Certificate Working Group was chartered to discuss, adopt, 
> and maintain policies, frameworks, and standards for the issuance and 
> management of Publicly-Trusted S/MIME Certificates.  This ballot 
> adopts a new “S/MIME Baseline Requirements” that includes requirements 
> for verification of control over email addresses, identity validation 
> for natural persons and legal entities, key management and certificate 
> lifecycle, certificate profiles for S/MIME Certificates and Issuing CA 
> Certificates, as well as CA operational and audit practices.
> An S/MIME Certificate for the purposes of this document can be 
> identified by the existence of an Extended Key Usage (EKU) for 
> id-kp-emailProtection (OID: and the inclusion of a 
> rfc822Name or an otherName of type id-on-SmtpUTF8Mailbox in the 
> subjectAltName extension in the Certificate.
> The following motion has been proposed by Stephen Davidson of DigiCert 
> and endorsed by Martijn Katerbarg of Sectigo and ­­­Ben Wilson of Mozilla.
> *Charter Voting References*
> Section 5.1 (“Voting Structure”) 
> <https://github.com/cabforum/servercert/blob/e6ad111f4477010cbff409cd939c5ac1c7c85ccc/docs/SMCWG-charter.md#51-voting-structure>of 
> the SMCWG Charter says:
> In order for a ballot to be adopted by the SMCWG, two-thirds or more 
> of the votes cast by the Certificate Issuers must be in favor of the 
> ballot and more than 50% of the votes cast by the Certificate 
> Consumers must be in favor of the ballot. At least one member of each 
> class must vote in favor of a ballot for it to be adopted. Quorum is 
> the average number of Member organizations (cumulative, regardless of 
> Class) that have participated in the previous three (3) SMCWG Meetings 
> or Teleconferences (not counting subcommittee meetings thereof).
> *
> This ballot adopts the “Baseline Requirements for the Issuance and 
> Management of Publicly-Trusted S/MIME Certificates” (“S/MIME Baseline 
> Requirements”) as Version 1.0.0.
> The proposed S/MIME Baseline Requirements may be found at 
> https://github.com/cabforum/smime/compare/7b3ab3c55dd92052a8dc0d4f85a2ac26269c222e...28c0b904fe54f1c5f6c71d18c4786a3e02c76f52 
> or the attached document.
> The SMCWG Chair or Vice-Chair is permitted to update the Relevant 
> Dates and Version Number of the S/MIME Baseline Requirements to 
> reflect final dates.
> *— MOTION ENDS —**
> *
> This ballot proposes a Final Guideline. The procedure for approval of 
> this ballot is as follows:
> Discussion (7+ days)
> Start Time: 8 September 2022 17:00 UTC
> End Time: 15 September 2022 17:00 UTC
> Vote for approval (7 days)
> Start Time: 15 September 2022 17:00 UTC
> End Time: 22 September 2022 17:00 UTC
> IPR Review (60 days)
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