[Smcwg-public] Informal poll on ECC

Stephen Davidson Stephen.Davidson at digicert.com
Wed Oct 27 18:08:31 UTC 2021

*       Only 16 CAs responded to the informal poll regarding the use of ECC.
*       6 of the 16 CAs currently issue end-entity S/MIME certificates containing ECC public keys (although a majority indicated plans to do so).
*       Of those CAs who currently issue ECC S/MIME, the following curves were supported:

   *    6 CAs support ECDSA P-256
   *    5 CAs support ECDSA P-384
   *    3 CAs support ECDSA P-521
   *    Other: 1 CA supports Brainpool

*       No CAs reported current support for the Royal-Holloway key escrow scheme (keyUsages of encipherOnly and decipherOnly).

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