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Stefan Selbitschka selbitschka at rundquadrat.at
Fri Apr 9 12:00:47 UTC 2021


following the last meeting I reviewed the "Validation-Spreadsheet" and
would like to share my thoughts.


In all profiles the extensions are limited and in strict and
multipurpose there "Any other extension" is set to "MUST NOT".

If we do this we need a full white list of allowed extensions and I miss
at least the following:

- Authority Key Identifier
- Authority Information Access
- Certificate Policies
- CRL Distribution Points
- Subject Key Identifier

May we would add some CT or other extensions ...

As an alternative we could write "Any other extension not listed in
RFC5280, ...".

Subject - E-Mail:
This is set to "MAY" in all but Sponsored-Validiation where it is a "MUST".
I would change this to "MAY" in all cases or is there any reason for
require it in case of a sponsored validation?

Furthermore I would add some restrictions that if an email address is in
the subject email field, the same email address must be present in the
subjectAltName extension as rfc822name.


Empty Subject:
I do not know the current state of the "minimum certificate behavior
check" suggested on March 17. Maybe we should create a git with
certificates with different contents and signed and encrypted messages,
so that everybody can test this within his own environment and his MUA.

This said the following discussion is focused on my personal experiences
and my be dependent on my current environment.

Within the mailbox validation profile, at least with strict and
multipurpose, we force the use of the email field instead of discourage
it if its the only allowed field. From my experiences most
implementation expect a non-empty subject within an S/MIME certificate.

My suggestion would be to set commonName to "MAY: email" in strict an
multipurpose as well.

According to RFC5280 Subject:
If subject naming information is present only in the subjectAltName
extension (e.g., a key bound only to an email address or URI), then the
subject name MUST be an empty sequence and the subjectAltName extension
MUST be critical.

Do we reflect this in our certificate profiles and require the
subjectAltName to be critical in this case?



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