[Smcwg-public] Secure Mail Subject DN

Stephen Davidson Stephen.Davidson at digicert.com
Tue Nov 24 08:21:45 MST 2020

Hi Doug:

No you have not missed anything; this is a timely point.

Subject DN will be dealt with in two phases of our work; 1) now to identify 
the fields in common use and then 2) later to identify the required 

I have reserved the CABF OID for the eventual S/MIME Baseline 

My thinking had been similar to yours where:

*	DV/email
*	OV
*	IV

There is a question whether the IV level should in fact be split into two for 
personal vs org representative.

This may take some iterations, so I will add this to our agenda for tomorrow 
at least to introduce the topic.

Best regards, Stephen

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Hi Stephen,

Maybe the group hasn’t yet progressed into Subject DN field definitions (I’ve 
missed a few meetings and I didn’t see this in the Google spreadsheet profile 
table), but are we planning to parallel the CABF BRs when it comes to this?

TLS DV: Could be the basis for an S/MIME profile with just an email somewhere 
in the subject DN (CN or E) so that the subject is not empty

TLS OV: Could be the basis for an S/MIME profile  with C, S, L, O and maybe OU 
in the subject DN (and perhaps email in CN or E)

TLS IV: Could be the basis for an S/MIME profile with C, S, L and then 
givenName and surname fields.  The CA could optionally populate the name 
values into the Org field when issuing to a natural person or DBA.  That seems 
like a reasonable approach and parallels the BRs.

When do you think we’ll dive into the subject DN field definitions?


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