[Servercert-wg] EV Certificates through automation / Pre-Authorized Certificate Approver (API)

Doug Beattie doug.beattie at globalsign.com
Fri Feb 2 11:48:00 UTC 2024

Hi Paul,


Thanks for that presentation.


I'm assuming that Entrust uses External Account Binding (EAB) to link the
MAC key and KeyID to the customer account.  Are these the API credentials
you're referring to in the presentation?


Another way to look into automating for EV is asking the question: Do we
need the concept of Certificate Approver?  While there was probably value in
this back when the EVGs were created, is there continued value of this in
2024, especially in light of the need to automate?






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As briefly introduced on the Server Certificate WG Teleconference, I would
like to bring up a topic around the use of API keys that are linked to a
Pre-Authorized Certificate Approver.


Please find some reference slides attached.


Slide 3: 
How I think API keys with a Pre-Authorized Certificate Approver are
implemented today.


Slide 4: 
If the API key fulfills the same requirements and is authorized by the
Certificate Approver, does it matter who creates/holds the API key with
authorization of the Certificate Approver?


Slide 5: 
Does this change if the authorization was given based on a reference to an
API key, like located in a well-known directory of the Cloud Service
Provider (CSP)? The idea is that this could enable ACME auto discovery
/>  for OV and EV certificates as the Certificate Approver explicitly
approves the CSP to request certificates on their behalf.


It would be great to get people's thoughts on this!




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