[Servercert-wg] Compromised/Weak Keys Ballot Proposal

Wayne Thayer wthayer at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 23:46:45 UTC 2024

On Tue, Apr 16, 2024 at 3:23 PM Rob Stradling <rob at sectigo.com> wrote:

> > Rob Stradling: I would like to import your repo to
> github.com/cabforum/Debian-weak-keys. May I have your permission to do so?
> Hi Wayne.  I put together the repositories at
> https://github.com/CVE-2008-0166 a few years ago with the sole aim of
> providing a resource that would help CAs comply with the original version
> of this draft ballot, so I have no hesitation in giving my permission for
> CABForum to use these repositories in whatever way(s) are felt to make
> sense.

Thank you Rob.

> There are currently 3 repositories under the
> https://github.com/CVE-2008-0166 GitHub organization: key_generator,
> private_keys, and openssl_blocklists.  Which of these are you looking to
> "import" (fork?) into https://github.com/cabforum ?

The intent of the ballot is to reference a set of weak keys, so my
intention is to host the contents of your private_keys repository in the
cabforum GitHub organization.

When creating a new repository, the GitHub UI provides the option to
"import your project to GitHub". I'm happy to fork if that is the preferred

> key_generator is useful if anyone wants to check my work, or if Debian
> weak keys of any other sizes need to be generated in the future.
> private_keys holds the generated keys.  Cloning this repository requires
> 12GB of disk space (just over 3GB for each of the 3 architectures, plus
> another 3GB for the ".git" directory)!  Although each of the generated RSA
> keys has the public exponent 65537, it's important to note that every
> public exponent is equally vulnerable when used with a vulnerable modulus
> (as described in the key_generator README
> <https://github.com/CVE-2008-0166/key_generator?tab=readme-ov-file#pregenerated-keys-and-blocklists>
> ).
> openssl_blocklists holds blocklists of the generated keys that are
> compatible with the openssl_vulnkey tool that was made available by Debian
> back in 2008.   Only the weak RSA keys are supported, because
> openssl_vulnkey's file format is basically a list of SHA-1 hashes of RSA
> moduli.  Cloning this repository requires a mere 84MB of disk space though
> (18MB for each of the 3 architectures, plus 32MB for the ".git" directory).
> To avoid having to deal with either an unwieldly 12GB repository or
> RSA-only blocklists, I'm considering creating another repository that would
> hold blocklists in a more focused format.  Perhaps SHA-256(Modulus) for RSA
> keys, and SHA-256(X_Coordinate) for EC keys?

I would prefer to reference the raw keys in the BRs and allow CAs the
flexibility to determine the format they want to use in their checks.

> Finally, I'm open to transferring control of the whole
> https://github.com/CVE-2008-0166 GitHub organization to CABForum, if that
> might be considered a suitable alternative to "import"ing one or more of
> the repositories into https://github.com/cabforum.

I'm not opposed, but I am concerned that this might further delay the
ballot. If others prefer this approach, please speak up.

- Wayne
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