[Servercert-wg] Discussion Period Begins - Ballot SC-063: “Make OCSP Optional and Incentivize Automation”

Aaron Gable aaron at letsencrypt.org
Wed May 3 20:25:35 UTC 2023

Apologies for how long this has run on, and thank you for the great
discussion as well!

On Wed, May 3, 2023 at 1:49 AM Dimitris Zacharopoulos (HARICA) <
dzacharo at harica.gr> wrote:

> I explained when the clock starts. A CA would have evidence to show when
> it marked a certain certificate as revoked, and when the CRL containing
> that entry was issued.

I guess this is largely a question of semantics, then. I agree that it
should generally be possible for a CA to know when it "decided" to revoke a
certificate, when it "marked" that certificate as revoked in an internal
database, or took some similar action. But I think there's plenty of
precedent on this list and in Bugzilla tickets that doing so does not count
as "revoking" the certificate -- that doesn't happen until signed
statements of revocation (OCSP or CRL) are widely published.

So if we want to have a requirement like you propose, I would ask that it
use some phrasing other than . Perhaps something like "The CA MUST update
and reissue CRLs at least 1) once every 7 days; or 2) within 24 hours after
conclusively determining that a certificate within that CRL's scope must be
revoked." I don't love that phrasing, as it introduces a new term of art
"conclusively determining" similar to the existing and hotly-debated
"becomes aware", but I like it better than "with 24 hours after revoking".

And yes, I take issue with the way the requirement for Subordinate CA
Certificates is phrased today :) I'd like to change both!

This cannot apply in all cases described in It would probably make
> sense to apply in cases where the Subscriber requests the revocation after
> proper authentication, in which case the CA probably doesn't need to do any
> investigation.

Heh, we're in agreement here; that's exactly what I meant by "Paragraph 1",
i.e. the enumerated point beginning "1. The Subscriber requests in
writing...". I guess "" is what I should have said.

I think that Ryan Dickson's proposed set of ballot updates (
https://github.com/ryancdickson/staging/pull/3, from the other thread
discussing this ballot) go a long way towards addressing concerns brought
up by both of us. I've left specific comments on that PR, as a way to
laser-focus this discussion onto specifics of phrasing.

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