[Servercert-wg] Participation Proposal for Revised SCWG Charter

Ben Wilson bwilson at mozilla.com
Fri Jul 7 19:58:57 UTC 2023


Here is a draft participation proposal for the SCWG to consider and discuss
for inclusion in a revised SCWG Charter.

#.  Participation Requirements to Maintain Voting Privileges

(a) Attendance.  The privilege to vote “Yes” or “No” on ballots is
suspended for 90 days if a Voting Member fails to meet the following
attendance requirement over any 365-day period:

   - 10% of SCWG meetings for Voting Members located in time zones offset
   by UTC +5 through UTC +12
   - 30% of SCWG meetings for Voting Members located in all other time zones

(b) Meaningful Comments.  Posting a Meaningful Comment is an alternative
means of meeting the attendance requirement in subsection (a). A Voting
Member can earn an attendance credit to make up for each missed meeting by
posting a Meaningful Comment to the SCWG Public Mail List. Each Meaningful
Comment is equal to attending one (1) meeting.

A Meaningful Comment is one that follows the Code of Conduct and provides
relevant information to the SCWG, such as new information, an insight,
suggestion, or perspective related to the Scope of the SCWG, or that
proposes an improvement to the TLS Baseline Requirements or EV Guidelines.
It can also be something that responds to or builds on the comments of
others in a meaningful way, or that offers feedback, suggestions, or
solutions to the issues or challenges raised by the topic of discussion.

A Meaningful Comment should be both relevant (within the Scope of the SCWG
or related to the discussion that is taking place on the mailing list)
and well-supported
(clear reasons why the Voting Representative believes what they believe and
supported by facts, data, or other information.)

(c) A Voting Member that has failed to meet the attendance requirement in
subsection (a) above is considered an "Inactive Member".  Any Member who
believes that any other Member is an Inactive Member may report that Member
on the Forum's Management List by providing specific information about that
Member's non-participation, and the SCWG Chair shall send written notice to
the Inactive Member by email within seven (7) calendar days. The notice
will include a reminder of the requirement to participate and inform the
Inactive Member of the consequences of not participating.

(d) Suspension of Voting Privileges. The Inactive Member's privilege to
vote “Yes” or “No” on any ballot shall be temporarily suspended for a
period of 90 days from the date of the notice. During the suspension
period, the Inactive Member may vote “Abstain” on ballots.

(e) Restoration of Voting Privilege. Voting privileges will be
automatically restored to the Inactive Member upon attending three
consecutive meetings. The restoration of voting privileges will be
effective on the next ballot that enters the voting period after the
Inactive Member meets the reactivation criteria.

(f) Exceptional Circumstances. In cases where an Inactive Member can
demonstrate justifiable reasons for their inability to participate, such as
medical conditions or other extenuating circumstances affecting their
Voting Representative(s), the SCWG Chair may review and consider
reinstating voting privileges on a case-by-case basis.


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