[Servercert-wg] Final Minutes: 2023-08-03 Server Certificate Working Group Teleconference

Inigo Barreira Inigo.Barreira at sectigo.com
Thu Aug 31 16:37:50 UTC 2023

Final Minutes of the 2023-08-03 Server Certificate Working Group 


*	Aaron Gable - (Let's Encrypt)
*	Aaron Poulsen - (Amazon)
*	Adrian Mueller - (SwissSign)
*	Andrea Holland - (VikingCloud)
*	Brianca Martin - (Amazon)
*	Bruce Morton - (Entrust)
*	Clint Wilson - (Apple)
*	Corey Bonnell - (DigiCert)
*	Corey Rasmussen - (OATI)
*	Daryn Wright - (GoDaddy)
*	David Kluge - (Google)
*	Dean Coclin - (DigiCert)
*	Dimitris Zacharopoulos - (HARICA)
*	Dustin Hollenback - (Microsoft)
*	Enrico Entschew - (D-TRUST)
*	Fumi Yoneda - (Japan Registry Services)
*	Hannah Sokol - (Microsoft)
*	Inaba Atsushi - (GlobalSign)
*	Inigo Barreira - (Sectigo)
*	Joanna Fox - (TrustCor Systems)
*	Marco Schambach - (IdenTrust)
*	Michelle Coon - (OATI)
*	Nargis Mannan - (VikingCloud)
*	Nate Smith - (GoDaddy)
*	Nome Huang - (TrustAsia Technologies, Inc.)
*	Paul van Brouwershaven - (Entrust)
*	Pedro Fuentes - (OISTE Foundation)
*	Peter Miskovic - (Disig)
*	Rollin Yu - (TrustAsia Technologies, Inc.)
*	Scott Rea - (eMudhra)
*	Stephen Davidson - (DigiCert)
*	Tadahiko Ito - (SECOM Trust Systems)
*	Thomas Zermeno - (SSL.com)
*	Tobias Josefowitz - (Opera Software AS)
*	Wayne Thayer - (Fastly)
*	Yashwanth TM - (eMudhra)
*	Yoshiro Yoneya - (Japan Registry Services)

1. Introductory

*	Inigo noted the roll call and Notewell had been read at the top of the Forum 
call prior.
*	The group reviewed the agenda for this meeting; no updates were made.
*	The minutes of the 20 July meeting were reviewed and approved by the group.

2. GitHub Issues for the Cleanup Ballot

Inigo identified 11 open issues in the GitHub repository that needed 
addressing, as well as three open pull requests labeled as clean-up issues and 
the additional pull request that converts the EV Guidelines into RFC3647 
format. He asked the working group to take a look at all of these, as he 
intended to prepare and submit the cleanup ballot in early September. There 
were no further discussion items raised around GitHub issues.

3. Working Group Charter Change

Ben Wilson has proposed a change to the Server Certificate Working Group 
charter, but Ben was not on the call. This discussion was moved forward to the 
next meeting of the Working Group.

4. Ballot Updates

Inigo noted an email from Bruce Morton regarding the review period of the 
latest ballot, but had not had time to review it. No other ballot updates were 

5. Other Items

No other business items were discussed. Inigo offered to cancel the 17 August 
Working Group meeting to match the cancellation of the Forum meeting on that 
date; no objections were raised.

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