[Servercert-wg] Results of Review Period - SC47: Sunset subject:organizationalUnitName

Jos Purvis (jopurvis) jopurvis at cisco.com
Tue Aug 17 13:24:59 UTC 2021

That should be in there. Let me check—we might be able to add it since it’s not material to the ballot. :) Thanks for catching it!

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> On Aug 17, 2021, at 07:19, Doug Beattie <doug.beattie at globalsign.com> wrote:
> Hi Jos and Wayne
> This is missing an entry in section 1.2.2 “Relevant Dates” where we’d want to specify that OUs are prohibited from September 1, 2022.  Will that be added, or do we need to put that on the list for a clean-up ballot? 
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> Subject: [Servercert-wg] Results of Review Period - SC47: Sunset subject:organizationalUnitName
> This is to notify the community that the IPR review period for ballot SC47 (Sunset subject:organizationalUnitName) has completed. No IPR Exclusion Notices were filed, and the ballot becomes effective as of 16 August 2021.
> The Baseline Requirements version 1.7.9 and EV Guidelines version 1.7.7 are attached for reference and will be uploaded to the public website.
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