[Servercert-wg] New tooling has landed

Ryan Sleevi sleevi at google.com
Wed Dec 2 20:28:54 UTC 2020

Hey folks,

Just an update as to where we're at with the GitHub migration and

As of today [1], the new GitHub Actions based integration has landed to the
Server Cert CWG. With this new integration, pull requests to change
documents will result in PDFs and Word docs (DOCX) files automatically
generated and attached to the Pull Request.

Further, when you clone the CA/B Forum repository (or sync your repo [2]),
your fork / your repository will also automatically build copies for your
changes. This hopefully makes it quicker and easier to preview your changes
and see how well they work.

You shouldn't need to do anything special to enable this, but feel free to
reach out to the Infrastructure Subcommittee if you run in to any issues.

There's work on a draft ballot [3] to fixup the SCWG documents so that they
are uniform and well-formatted for this set-up. There's still more
alignment between the servercert documents that would be useful (e.g.
aligning to RFC 3647 is one possibility, but even simpler, whether lists
used Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, lowercase letters, uppercase letters,
at each level is inconsistent between the docs and within the docs

In terms of things not supported, which may or may not be supported in the

   - Automatically generated redline final documents (PDF and DOCX) is not
   supported. There's hope we'll be able to get something for PDFs working,
   but for now, it will be a manual process.
   - Generating HTML variants is not presently supported. We're still
   trying to figure out how important this is, relative to some of the other
   efforts, so this may or may not be added back.
   - Watermarking the Word docs as DRAFT is not yet supported. Generating
   non-watermarked PDFs is also not yet supported. We're still working in the
   Infrastructure Forum Subcommittee about the best flow for generating the
   - Generating documents locally is not yet supported. Mostly because
   there's a fair bit of fiddly bits related to things like fonts and
   typesetting, so right now, the infrastructure uses Docker to try to get a
   hermetic environment. If folks find it important to be able to run things
   locally, letting the Infrastructure Subcommittee know will help us
   prioritize that.

Assuming the draft ballot works out, we'll clean up the remaining artifacts
in the Servercert repository, and turn down the Travis integration, such
that the only real documents left in the repository are the Guidelines

[2] https://wiki.cabforum.org/github_redline_guide#prerequisites
[3] https://github.com/cabforum/servercert/pull/235
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