[Servercert-wg] SC 20 (v2) / Level of detail of motivation

Tobias S. Josefowitz tobij at opera.com
Thu Oct 3 09:42:27 MST 2019

Hi Ryan,

in light of the concerns you raised in the SCWG telco today regarding the 
level of detail in the motivation of SC 21, I was wondering if you might 
be inclined to give us some input regarding SC 20 (v2) *before we put it 
into discussion period*. Not sure if that might be a bit silly because 
that is what a discussion period is for, but then we have received no such 
input during the SC 21 discussion period.

This commit: 
has the motivation we so far thought appropriate given we have thoroughly 
minimized the change (whether this minimization is appropriate might be a 
topic for the discussion period, however I do not want to discourage any 


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