[Servercert-wg] Ballot SC17 version 7: Alternative registration numbers for EV certificates

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> Hello Tim, Dimistris,
> I probably missed some posts to the list, as I just realized that this
> ballot (since version 4) mandates inclusion of the new extension
> CABFOrganizationIdentifier if the subject:organizationIdentifier field is
> present. Home comes that? I got lost in the discussions...
> That seems exceedingly complex to me, especially as I cannot see its
> purpose, and implies development work on CA software for implementation of
> the new CABFOrganizationIdentifier extension.
> Please bear with me and remind me the rationale leading to such a
> proposal....

Hi Adriano,

I'm not Tim or Dimitris, but I can hopefully shed some insight into this.

This was discussed somewhat during the CA/Browser Forum F2F in Cupertino.
The reasoning is that the use of the subject:organizationIdentifier to
convey structured information like this is problematic on a number of
dimensions, as has previously been shared with our ETSI Liasons. Much like
ITU-T and IETF collaborated in the definition of the Subject Alt Name
extension, recognizing the inherent problems of the X.500 naming scheme of
the Subject in the absence of a global X.500 hierarchy, the extension
represents an attempt by the CA/Browser Forum to more collaboratively
engage with ETSI on matters of technical expertise. By ensuring that the
extension is present, this provides the opportunity for ETSI to, in a
future update to its TS set of documents related to PSD2, seemlessly
transition from the problematic form of the subject:organizationIdentifier
and into the more structured form of the CABFOrganizationIdentifier,
without disrupting sites or end users.

By ensuring both are present, we have a system that is compatible with the
unfortunate legacy decisions found within the current PSD2 profile, while
providing a seamless path forward, to a more compliant approach. The
approach taken with respect to the CABFOrganizationIdentifier aligns with
the approach ETSI has taken in other aspects of its qualifications -
ensuring that information is reliably and unambiguously separated, for
example - and thus avoids the significant security risks that the approach
presently taken by ETSI presents.

Does that help?
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