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Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
Wed Feb 20 13:09:43 MST 2019

I think this is incorrect response. I think this is the semi-official
interpretation of the requirement based on unofficial discussion, but the
language in the BRs pretty clearly says "All other fields and
extensions...". IMO, Ilda's original interpretation is correct if anyone
considers just the language of the BRs.  The link cited by Dean doesn't
support the proposed interpretation. Instead, that discussion supports the
need to retain the section, even if that discussion does not apply to CN,
OU, etc.


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Hello again,

The second sentence of has previously been interpreted to apply
to all optional Subject attributes, including those listed in
That means metadata such as "-" is not permitted in the OU field. Here is a
reference to those previous discussions:

Dean Coclin
for the CA/B Forum

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Thank you for your confirmation.

Is it possible that the value of OU of subject distinguished name in a BR
subscriber certificate is a single hyphen minus, provided that the value
satisfies conditions of

>Thank you for contacting the CA/B Forum. You are correct. 
>applies to Subject attributes other than those listed in .a through .i, 
>and the Baseline Requirements permit CAs to include Subject attributes 
>that are not defined in (Note that different rules apply to EV).
>Best regards,
>Dean Coclin
>for the CA/B Forum
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>Hello people.
>The title of subsection of BR is "Other Subject Attributes".
>I think the word "Other" means this article DOES NOT apply attributes 
>listed from to, namely CN, O, givenName, 
>surname, streetAddress, L, ST, postalCode, C nor OU.
>Am I right?
>  iida

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